Helping Lawyers Draft Better Documents

Syntheia helps you prepare better legal documents.

Our software is designed for lawyers by a team of practising lawyers and data scientists. Using a combination of cutting edge machine learning technologies, Syntheia intelligently recommends relevant content as you are drafting legal documents in real time.


What we do

Applying technology to supercharge your legal expertise

Syntheia is a software application that learns from your documents and your people, and uses those learnings to recommend drafting for your legal documents in real time.

By combining a cutting edge natural language platform with legal logic, Syntheia can read and understand your legal documents, whether they are contracts, advices or court filings. Our software utilises insights from your data to help your team perform at their peak.

Syntheia helps lawyers at every stage of preparing a legal document, from preparing the first draft to the execution version. Unlike using static precedents or “contract assembly” tools which help lawyers prepare early drafts of documents, Syntheia works dynamically with your existing systems and documents, without needing a library of traditional precedents.

Syntheia provides you and your team with a flexible platform that learns from and adapts to your workflow, leading to improvements in the overall quality of your legal work.


Our core algorithms are not locked into any pre-trained models. Once our software is deployed, it will autonomously learn from your documents and your usage. You have the power to create custom models to capture any concept in your legal documents, with as few as three to five examples.


Our software is always adapted to your specific workflow before deployment, so as to ensure it will be fit for purpose. Every component has been designed to operate in a modular fashion, and can be rapidly assembled in different ways that suit your situation or to solve for different use cases.


We can deploy our software on your premises or in a private cloud environment. You will have oversight over every step of the machine learning process, and you will retain your own valuable data. Since your data never leaves your control, ownership of your data always remains yours.

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